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If you conduct a survey among the players in the slot machine, with the question - "What do you mean slot machines?" - We will hear some points of view .. Some will say that the game - it's a great opportunity to get a huge dose of adrenaline and satisfy the passion for adventurism and excitement. A more pragmatic answer that this is a unique chance to earn good money.

Bugs slot machines. What's firmware and chips?

Bugs slot machinesAnd so, what is the bug? This term is more than 140 years. Initially it was used engineers electrical circuits, and he meant the same thing - an error or malfunction. But especially popular term "bug" has acquired in the era of computer technology. Most of the bugs in the software that cause little inconvenience that the user can get around, but there were also cases where the normal error affects millions of people in a particular plane, or even entailed injury or death.

Bug - it's a software error, that is the fault of the program or system that makes the slot machine to behave in unexpected ways. The software is written by people, so each program has its bugs, or "undocumented functionality", as it would call a marketer. For those who do not know what bugs - is when a program does something that should not be doing. Bugs may occur due to improper design, without a full understanding of the problem or simply due to human error - about how a typo in the book. The problem is that the book reads a person who can guess what was said by the author, but computer-executable machine code can only do what they are told. Evidence of the existence of "software holes" or bugs you can remember the millennium bug (2000). When the program refused to understand that it is - new millennium. In creating the programs, the programmers have not paid attention to the fact that there comes a new century and millennium.

Errors slot machines, practically do not exist, but they can be created artificially. Bug (fault in the firmware game) will beat the machine when you want to. The introduction of the virus code in the program video slots can be made by several methods. The first way - is to put the chip is programmed into the machine, the second option - reflash programming device chip on the board. Whatever the choice, you will need access to its electronic board. On our site you can buy a special tool to open the lock slot machine. Please visit our page - a universal key. Our programmers create bugs that make it possible to beat the slot machines. The essence of the matter is that with the help of our software, you can change the "flag" game. For example, to provide themselves wholly doubling points or increase the impact of a few tens, hundreds of times. ... And the jackpot is within reach! In short, the bug - is a file that is stitched (recorded) on the chip. You can buy ready-made item with a bug that is quickly installed on board a game machine. You do not need to make any self-manipulation to change the software - everything is already done for you. It is because of its content, the chip becomes much more expensive. But the money paid for the chip can not be compared with that obtained a prize that you can get a lot of time! Before you make an order, check the version of your gaming machine, you will be installing a bug. All firmware files have a high degree of protection from detection. But to abuse your winnings still not worth it. A slot machine that does not make a profit - just simply be removed from the playing hall.

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