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Bug on doubling with activator (Gaminator)

To run the effect of the virus must enter your code - press in the double game winning certain cards (black or red). After activation bug slot machine Gaminator (Novomatic) will issue a series of winning doubling. The virus can be installed on any 1-3 games mix.

This method is similar to the doubling with table, but it has activator to run virus (a bug). In normal mode, when the bug is not active, the slot machine behaves as usual. During hard work on doubling bug, gaming machine begins to play along Gaminator player mode "GAMBLE". All the cards that the player presses - are correct. Bug limited amount of guess the card, then the virus is automatically deactivated. Reactivate it can be an infinite number of times. After installing the flash-module with the firmware, the device will operate normally with the old statistics. Error CRC error slot machine will not give out!

Firmware Gaminator for doubling with activator is much safer and more convenient than way hack with file a sequence of cards.
The main difference between a bug with activation and table is the lack of cards, which reduced the size of the virus code to the minimum. You no longer need the help of a friend or colleague, sitting at a computer or smartphone. The player will only need to know your activation code - it is just a sequence of ten symbols (cards). I think it is not difficult to remember them.

Activator - a series combination consisting of a color card suit (black or red). Activator introduced in doubling mode (GAMBLE). Important! It does not matter (while typing activator) which gives the cards game machine while doubling (set activator) - you need to press the button corresponding to the activator.

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