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Bug doubling with table cards (slot machine Novomatic Gaminator)

The table is called the file with a sequence of cards that are recorded in the firmware gaming machine Gaminator. When introducing a bug in the firmware virus program alternately card entry to the game. This table is a simple text file with symbols suits. Depending on the version of your machine, the virus can be installed on all games or any mix of games 3-5.
In our bug-firmware doubling the table is an encrypted mathematical algorithm. File with the sequence of cards can not be opened and viewed using a standard HEX-editor (for example, it's easy to do in the old cheap versions). Program to locate tables and slot machines Gaminator bug will be powerless! After installing the module firmware bugs, the unit will operate normally with the old statistics. Error CRC error slot machine will not give out!

The principle of operation bug - double the winnings from a game.
During the game, the gaming machine behaves as usual. To start winning, you need to know how to play strategy for doubling.
When issuing slot machine winning loans he waits for further action from the player. Will he continue to play or try to increase your winnings by guessing the color of the card. If a player manages to guess the color of the hidden cards (black or red color), his payoff is doubled, if not - he loses all earned prize. In our case, the player will know exactly what color card will give the machine and win in doubling it will be provided.

How does this work! Run any game on which the bug. We look forward to a winning combination and then immediately go into the mode of doubling (risk game "red-black"). Begin doubling and record last 8 cards (| | | |). The success of doubling - not important! Next we look for these cards in your file (table), which is sent to the firmware and learn what will then. Open Table of breakdown can be on your PC, laptop or smartphone.

Example. Conventionally denoted: 0 - spades, 1 - cross, 2 - hearts, 3 - diamonds. Let us assume that in our slot machine Gaminator (Novomatic) set this table doubling (download a test file). During doubling did these cards - first 3, then 1, then 2, 2, 1, 1, 3, and 0. 31221130
Open your file with any text editor (such as "Notepad"). Put the cursor at the beginning of the document and click the tab "Edit". In this tab, select the "Search" and type in the search box card - 31221130. Click "Find Next" and the file will be highlighted in this combination. All cards that will stand after this allocation - will fall further in the risk-double game. This example will - 11203203312121233020211... 0 and 1 - black, 2 and 3 - red. As you can see nothing complicated here.

Bug doubling with table cards (slot machine Novomatic)

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