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Chips to crack slot machines Igrosoft

We bring you the chips and firmware for hacking slot machines Igrosoft, that will transform the gaming machine in your humble servant. Firmware bug created in the way of introducing the virus source code. Firmware chip is performed using special software and programmer - a unique device, which can be purchased from us. Simple words - always a bug helps the player to win the slot machine Igrosoft.

Slot players know Igrosoft the following games - Crazy Monkey, Lucky Haunter, Fruit Cocktail, Keks, Resident, Gnome, Garage, Island, Rock Climber, Pirate, Sweet Live.

There are two principles of action a bug in the game program:

The first type of bug - this increase in the percentage of issue. If we use the language of mathematics, the percentage return unit is calculated by the formula: invested credits / paid to credits x 100%. Typically, the figure is in the range of 80-93%. After switching bug, this number may increase to 700-1000%, and after disabling the soft tabs machine begins to play by the original algorithm. Accordingly, the time and the winning amount is fully controlled by a player, having bugs chip.

Another type of virus expression in the firmware Igrosoft - it's a bug on doubling. After turning on the error by entering a code from machine buttons (activated), the machine will always doubling win, thereby doubling your winnings up to the required amount.

Instructions for hacking slot machines Igrosoft

First, you must determine the version of the game. Menu, turn the key and go to the statistics. Enjoying the top line. In the left corner of the screen will be written the name and version of the game. In the photo-example game - Crazy Monkey, version - 050120.

Bug introduced by mounting the chip on the board machine. In this chip recorded beforehand virus-program. To install the chip - need access to the electronic board of the machine. If you do not have keys to the locks of doors and drawer with electronics - visit universal key.
You should remove the original chip and replace it with a chip with a bug. Before installation, be sure to turn off the power. Chip to be replaced is marked on the photo.

The chip can be easily removed from the board. No soldering contacts do not provide. Follow the direction of mark at the end of the chip matches the notch on the contact panel board. Worth noting that it is impossible to discover a bug in the firmware on the testimony Igrosoft statistics. When testing, the statistics will be flawless. Chip replacement does not require (INIT) reset the machine, thus you get rid of all sorts of risks.

How it works (bug in the gaming machine Igrosoft)

To win the game machine Igrosoft, you need to enable virus (bug). You need to play at the quoted rates and in a particular sequence (from three to ten moves). After the last turn of the activator - connect software bookmark (or virus-code). Bug is disabled as easy as included. You can run the action bug, then when you need to. This is a very handy feature that allows the player to rid the suspicion surrounding people.
Activation and deactivation code known only to the owner firmware or chip (it has a unique secret code), so that each customer is guaranteed a high degree of security. Only our site provides full technical support, gives instructions, photos, videos, warranty work, and most importantly, low price!
If you have a programming device, then you need to buy only the firmware file. And then overwrite the chip in a slot machine Igrosoft.

Win money in a slot machine Igrosoft can the following games: Crazy Monkey, Garage, Island, Rock Climber, Pirate, Sweet Live, Lucky Haunter, Fruit Cocktail, Keks, Resident, Gnome.

List of available versions Igrosoft for hacking:

Crazy Monkey - 031110 , 050120 , 070315 , 100311 , 101208
Lucky Haunter - 031111 , 040216 , 040825 , 070604 , 101209, 100331
Fruit Cocktail - 040216 , 050118 , 070305 , 070517, 070822 , 101208
Fruit Coctail 2 - 081105 , 080707 , 081106 , 101208
Resident - 040513 , 070222 , 101209 , 100311 , 100316
Garage - 040219 , 050311 , 070213 , 070329 , 101208 , 100331
Keks - 060328 , 060403 , 070119 ,
Rock Climber - 040827 , 070621 , 070322 , 090716 , 101209
Sweet Live - 041220 , 070412
Sweet Live 2 - 071217 , 080320 , 090525 , 090812
Island - 050713 , 070409 ,
Island-2 - 060529 , 070205 , 090724 , 090528
Pirate - 060210 , 060803 , 070412
Pirate-2 - 070126 , 061005 , 090730 , 090528
Gnome - 070906 , 07115 , 090402 , 090406 , 080303 , 100326
Crazy Monkey 2 - 100310 , 100311 , 100315 , 101220

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