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Instructions for playing Gaminator slots using the phone with RNG calculation files (nrd or map)


This method only works on original Gaminator (Novomatic) slot machines based on the CoolFire-1 gaming board (firmware versions v5.6-x and v5.7-x). There are players who successfully tested on some older versions of Super V+, but I did not test, so I can not guarantee..

The second important point: There are no programs and applications for iphone and android smartphones! Applications that work with nrd and map files (92-94, navigator) are installed on the ASUS P750 phone with the windows operating system.

So, first you need the "Analyzator" program, which will analyze the input data (characters from the slot machine monitor) and generate NRD and MAP files for the phone. On the page Program Analizator RNG you will find a description of the program. A video with step-by-step instructions for use was published on the same page.
Here are the main steps:

Basic steps when working with the Analyzer program:

Run the program "Analyzator" and select the desired game

select the desired game for RNG

Click on the clock and enter the date of the last initialization (zeroing) of the general statistics - day, hour, minutes and seconds. Below we set how many months have passed since this event (for example, if 2 months have passed, we set 3 in the program)

set data for program Analizator RNG

Next, enter the symbols that your slot has issued (15 or 30 spins). After entering the characters, press the “Search Now” button. After analysis, the program will give the result. If a smiley smiles at us, then we are also happy and save the RNG file “Save RNG file”. Below this button, options for calculation (Calculate) are offered. It all depends on the selected game and the application that you will use. Utilities “92” and “94” are for nrd files, and for map files, the “navigation” application. For beginners, I advise you to start with NRD. On the right field of the program, do not forget to look at the percentage of issuance of the slot machine - this also affects the choice of application for work. One nrd-file is enough for 10-12 hours of work, and map for about 8 hours.
When generating files, you can choose how many you need from 1 to 10. Accordingly, when working, when the first file is over, enter the second one and so on.

generate files for nrd

NRD-A and NRD-B - two files A and B are entered into the application at once for one game, such as: Lucky Lady’s Charm, Dolphin’s Pearl, The Money game, Pharaons Gold.
NRD-C for game Sizzling Hot.
MAP-D – for games Lucky Lady’s Charm, Dolphin’s Pearl, The Money game, Pharaons Gold.
MAP-B – for game Book of Ra
MAP-S – for game Sizzling Hot

Work with applications "92", "94" (for NRD files):

application presets for playing NRD We open 92 or 94, depending on what percentage the program showed. The preset menu opens. Check the boxes as shown in the screenshot. In the future, with an understanding of the settings, you can adjust to taste

For Sizzling Hot  - "9 lines" do not select this item.
If the percentage of the slot is 96% - check the box "96%".

Press the button “Load NV Results” - here we select file A, the button below “Load NVSec Results” - set B. For Sizzling Hot, press the first button and enter one file C.
Click “OK” and work.

First, let's introduce the concept of "pair". The slot machine has 5 reels. Horizontally - 3 rows. The middle row is excluded from attention. We are concerned with the top and bottom rows. Accordingly, the upper and lower symbol of one reel - is "pair".

Symbols are entered into the application digitally. Therefore, for successful work, you need to learn all the values, since you need to enter them into the phone very quickly (5 pairs, that is, 20 clicks in 5-7 seconds).

Separately, it is worth mentioning the Start button. Here the calculation is not in seconds, but in milliseconds. As soon as the vibration signal starts, immediately press the Start button. The finger must always be in close contact with the button.



Numeric meaning of symbols:

Numeric meaning of symbols for RNG hacking

After the preliminary settings of the program, we proceed to enter characters. Let's spin the reels.
We begin to enter the first 10 characters according to the scheme.

Scheme for entering characters from the slot monitor into the application

To enter this particular combination, successively press the conventionally accepted buttons (photo above): 4-1-5-5-2-5-3-3-4-1-3-3-2-5-5-4-1-4-5-2.
After entering each pair the smartphone will make a single vibration signal.

After entering five pairs (top and bottom), we wait for the vibration signal and immediately immediately press Start. Again, enter the next 5 pairs. If we found the current game segment on the slot, the phone will vibrate 3 times. In the lower left corner of the smartphone screen, the red box will turn yellow.
Next we do synchronization. We are waiting for the vibration signal, instantly press start and enter 5 pairs (we do this 2 times). After the second hit and entering characters, the smartphone will register the speed S1 (see photo).

Again we are waiting for a vibration signal, a sharp start and enter 5 pairs (2 times). If everything is done correctly, then the phone will detect S2 and write in the light green line that the calibration is done (Calibration done). Your phone is configured for this slot machine. The lower left corner turns on the green window.

After the vibration signal, we turn the drums, enter 5 pairs. A purple line appears “Combo light!” A vibrating signal sounds. And.. Attention! Here we enter only the characters of the upper row!

Important information: The smaller the difference between S1 and S2 values, the better the synchronization and the further it is easier to catch bonuses and big wins. The optimal discrepancy is 5-6. If the difference is greater, it is better to reconfigure. When you correctly press the Start button, after input the top row, the difference line will be highlighted on a green background.

If more than 7, then the line is highlighted with a brown background (set in the initial settings “high wait time”).
Line "Difference" shows the discrepancy between the time of the vibrosignal and pressing the Start button.

To return to the initial state (Reset, the indicator window is red) - double-click the button with circular arrows.
If you make a mistake when entering characters while playing in the green zone, the phone will write a red lines. Here we enter 5 pairs once and then we work only with the top row.
A single press of the “7” button leads to a restart. It does not affect search and synchronization. After the triple vibration signal, we enter 5 pairs once and play further with the data entry of only the top line.
To enter the preset menu, press the top right button on your phone.




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