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Universal key for slot machine is a high precision product, designed for easy and quick opening standard 7-pin locks. Such round locks are sophisticated device than other locks. Unlike rough hacking universal key does not leave traces of opening. It does not take a lot of time, special tools and highly skilled hacker. This skeleton key is used to open the door slot machine, access the menu, accrual points. If you lose the keys to your game devices or terminals, you do not have to drill all the locks. In this situation it will help our magical tool!
The principle of work universal key: Insert the lock pick into the lock, and make the combination of translational motions and a small rotations of the key. In this case, the key will automatically pick the lock code, and then you can open the lock. Instructions included. Universal key will allow you to open any lock on the slot machines, as well as help open the vending carbonated drinks, payment terminals, and other vending machines.

Propose to get acquainted with two types of universal keys

Universal key - Master

The key name is ideally suited to its functionality. Reinforced tube and all the moving parts. Made from quality metal. Good sensitivity setting. A high percentage of openability almost 99%. Short time for picking the lock code on slot machines or payment terminals. Comfortable rubber handle and small size. Price 230$.

Universal key for slot - Master

Universal key - Professional

The perfect execution of all components. The working elements of the tool made of high-strength steel. Return to the starting position of the contacts key by pressing the button and moving the handles. High level customization. Quick time and a high percentage of opening. All of this "miracle" is stored in a convenient carrying case. Price 250$.

Universal key for picking the lock - Professional

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