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To order a product, please contact the specified contact information or fill out the feedback form. Be sure to specify what you are interested and correctly write your email. The goods are delivered courier services (EMS, DHL, FedEx). Software products (firmware, programs, files) are sent to your email. The final cost of the goods specified when ordering. The payment is instant bank transfer type Western Union, Unistream, MoneyGram and other. Or you can pay through mobile applications for transfers.

Product name Price, USD
firmware with a bug for Gaminator* (file) 350-500**
module with bug-firmware for Gaminator 600-850**
universal key for slot (Master/Professional) 165-250
firmware with a bug for Mega Jack (files ROM - U1, U2) 200-350**
chips with bug-firmware for Mega Jack (ROM - U1, U2) 450-600**
program to create a bug (Gaminator, for modules) request
program to insert a bug in Dallas (Mega Jack) request
device programming modules + GS (Gaminator) request
"Analyzator" program for RNG calculation 2000
full set of programs for hacking with a phone 3500
USB-controller with bug for CoolFire2 (S2kernel) big price

* - and other gaming machines Novomatic, which are based on the electronic board CoolFire I - Games4You, Cobra, Hot Spot Platinum, Megakatok...
** - the final price depends on the type of bug and version a slot machine.

buy universak for slot machines SPECIAL OFFER !!!

When buying a chip (module) with bug-firmware for gaming machines Gaminator, Igrosoft or Mega Jack,
You get 35% discount
on universal key (locks for slot machines)

When you purchase more than one unit of the commodity is used discount system!

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