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Before we talk about the programming device, I think we should start with a description of firmwares - program files that are stored on the chip. What do ordinary gamers know about firmware? Almost nothing! Firmware slot machines - is not nothing but a component of their program. Like any software, firmware can vary depending on the ultimate goal of those who want to change it. In gambling vie two opposing desires: the owners want the player to always lost, and the player, respectively, always wants to be the winner.
There are both generous and greedy firmware... We are on the side of the player! So we offer exceptionally generous firmware (with a bug of winning). Firmwares offered by us, make it easy to beat the slots. Thus, it is virtually impossible to detect. Activation of the bug is available only to the owner this firmware. That is, the machine is working properly, the other players lose money, sometimes win small amounts, and only you can get the jackpot at any time.
From a technical point of view, to reprogram the chip or memory module does not need much: a program for creating bug-firmware and programming device. If you want to independently perform reprogramming, you can simply buy these programs and devices. To use them have enough level - the user PC. But if you are not confident in their abilities, we recommend not to experiment with self-programming. You can put yourself at risk and jeopardize the success of the event. Cooperating with us, you get a guarantee of quality, reasonable prices, fast order processing and convenient service delivery.

Program to hack slot mashines.. Bug injection.. And programs for hacking without access!

For any player thirst for winning is not just a dream, but a goal to achieve which he has spared neither money nor effort. Ways to get the win are not always honest. And whether you want to talk about honesty, if the majority of machines for gambling arrangements are set up so that players are constantly losing. Constantly to lose money or change the course of the game in their favor - that choice is for everyone. We offer program for insertion of viral code (code bug) in the software slot machine Gaminator (Novomatic), Igrosoft, Mega Jack. This will allow you to personally manage the game, winning large sums of money.
The program for insertion of viral code or a bug in the slot machines, after the custom settings and options, generates firmware, which is then written to the flash module or chip to be placed on the board of the slot machine. To reflashing you can use your or original chip from the gaming machine. In any case, you get ready for work module capable of positively affect your well-being. If desired, and adequate experience of using software to insert a bug in the slot machine Gaminator, Igrosoft and MegaJack, you can use the re-programming of many machines. And most importantly, the activation codes - will be known only to you.

Program to crack slot machines Gaminator (Novomatic and the like). Bug type - win after doubling on cards. The program automatically creates a firmware "BugDoubling" and generates a sequence of cards (file). The bug is installed in all or several games of the mix. This method hacking is based on guessing the color card - black or red. For example, when a slot machine Gaminator gives a prize (win on lines or bonus), he is waiting for the player's choice. Player will collect points on credit, or will try to double your winnings. If the color of the card will be guess right (black or red color), the win will automatically be doubled. If color not guessed - all payout disappear. To know what color would be the next card, you need to look at the file with prescribed sequence. This sequence is generated by the program and is inserted into the firmware. This will allow you to doubling your win countless times. Program to crack running with files firmware (board CoolFire1, games Novomatic) - Gaminator, Hot Spot, Games4You, Cobra, Hot Spot Platinum, Megakatok.

On our site you can find out a real way to win at slot machines without access to electronics, using programs installed on your mobile phone. This hacking method does not require reprogramming the slot machine. RNG calculation. A real way to win Please note that this method will only help you to win on original (not Chinese counterparts!) Gaminator (Novomatic) slots. The type of electronic game board is CoolFire-1. The available firmware versions are v5.6-x and v5.7-x, and some versions of Super V + can also be hacked.
The "Analizator" program (aka RNG generator) analyzes the input data from the slot monitor and generates NRD and MAP files. These files will contain information on which "gaming area" the selected gaming machine is located. The files are uploaded to the communicator. The phone will give a signal when it is necessary to press the "Start" button to receive a prize. The RNG calculation time ranges from a few seconds to several days. Therefore, it is recommended to install the program on a PC or laptop with extended RAM and a more powerful processor.
Also, for such a hack, you will need a PDA (mobile phone, smartphone) with special applications that will work with the received files (algorithms) from the "Analizator" program. These app are supplied with the "Analyzator" RNG calculation program.
Enter the initialization date into the program (the time of the last resetting of the game statistics). Next, one by one, we enter the symbols that appeared on the selected slot machine (in 15 or 30 spins). Depending on the slot launch time after initialization and the power of the PC, in seconds or hours we get an RNG file. The program has a tab - "calculator". It creates special nrd or map file (s). These files will work directly on your smartphone. The action of one calculated file for the phone from several hours to several days. To quickly download files to your smartphone, you can use a removable memory card. The smartphone, after synchronizing with the slot machine, will indicate the winning moments that the selected slot will give out. At these moments, the phone will signal - give out vibration signals.

Program to crack (hack) slot machinesProgram to hack slot machines Mega Jack - reprogramming the chip Dallas (DS5000T). Sold together with a special programming device. Almost impossible to set a bug in the chip or not. To win at a slot machine, you must enable the virus (bug). Is it a game at the quoted rates (5 steps) in a specific sequence. In the program, you can enter different bet of the activator. After the final step of the activator is connected virus program and after a few moves you win a certain combination (Jackpot, etc.). Bug works on multiple games. DS5000T - one of the most tamper-resistant crypto processor. The information in the closed part can not be considered an ordinary programming device, even if it supports this type of chip. Hence the high cost for the program to insert a bug in dallas and programmer for flashing his game. Supported versions 30.25, 30.50 (Mega Jack).


Versatility of cracking programs for slot machines allows you to work with many versions of the firmware. It is also worth noting that the use of the program to hack does not require additional costs, other than having a storage devices - chips, modules. You may also need a universal key to open the slot machines.
And so, when buying from us programs for slot machines, you get a promising opportunity to earn in countless gambling establishments and clubs.








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