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How to cheat slot machines - ways cheating

How to cheat slot machines - ways cheatingThe question is how you can cheat slot machines are interested in all players. Moreover, not only beginners, but experienced players who have experienced the joy of victory and the bitterness of defeat. Constant defeats forced to think about how all the same to cheat slot machines, and whether you can cheat at all. It appears that one can cheat, and in some cases even necessary. This obtain satisfaction for the fact that the administration of gambling, a priori deprives players a chance to win, acting dishonest methods (setting low payout).
Here are a few ways that can help to cheat slot machines. For example, enter in the program game the settings for a more generous payout. Immediately it should be said, do not get to cheat slot machines without interfering with their software. In rare cases, you can change the mode of the game, setting the machine settings on the generous returns. Typically, casinos are reinsured and install special firmware on machines to eliminate even the slightest possibility to change the play mode.
Before you cheat a slot machine, that is, to change firmware, you will need to enter the system board. The opening of the machine is possible with a universal key that can be purchased from us. Once you get access to the processor board, you will need to replace the native chip on chip with bug, or replace one flash module on the module with a bug. You can buy a firmware bug, after giving the details about the version of a slot machine. In addition, the gaming device can be fooled by reprogramming the original chip, using special software and programming device. Before you cheat a slot machine, it is advisable to determine the method of hacking. We will help you to stay in the win, and for that we have everything you need: bug-firmware, programming device, software for firmware, universal access keys to the electronic part of the gaming machines.

How to beat the slot machine

How to beat the slot machineOnly a naive person thinks he can beat the machine, using a long-term strategy and are accurate mathematical combination. The whole trick is that as long as you learn these schemes, hoping to beat the machine, there will be new versions of the software with a more complex algorithm that would nullify all the efforts. Believe me, flash a new version of the software is not so easy. But, do not be upset, because to beat the gaming machine is still possible! How? Have to resort to intervention in its software. To do this, you need replace the chip, in some models of slot machines should be replaced module, but with a bug. When you turn on the software error, can repeatedly beat the slot machines at any time. Of course, you can beat the slot machines, using less drastic ways, such as changing the game mode to a more generous. Although, unfortunately, this can be done very rarely, as casino owners install slot machines with greedy firmware.
If you are determined to beat the slot machine, you should go to the end, and believe me, your perseverance will pay off with a vengeance. Here are the steps you need to take to achieve the final result. First you need to know the version of a slot machine. To install the module or chip bugs, you will need to migrate to the system board. To do this, need to open the unit. Crude methods of breaking in, drop out right away, because they are too noticeable. There is only one way - the opening with the universal key. This is a clever way of cheating the locking system, leaving no traces. Next, you need to get into a slot machine and replace the necessary detail. If you need to replace the chip, look for matching labels. That is the label on the chip must match the label on the panels board. In the case of the replacement module, be sure that it is installed in the proper direction, although there is a so-called "foolproof", but some trying to shove a module, thereby damaging the connector and module.
Such deception is hard to notice because the firmware bugs are very difficult to detect for various checks. Reprogramming does not affect the game statistics. In addition, the inclusion of the bug occurs only at the request of the owner of the firmware. At other times, the video slot is functioning normally. As you can see to beat the machine is not difficult. To do this, you need to ask us for help.

Methods of cheating slot machines

Slot machines make up nearly 85% of all casino revenue. They are the most popular game in gambling establishment. This is understandable. Most of the players for a few hours can sit and watch the spinning reels in an attempt to win the big jackpot. Free slots with high rates of return will give the most good win, but in the long run, any player will lose more than win. So it is not surprising that some players are always trying to find new ways of cheating the slot machines. Back in the day when they were mechanical, gambling people began to explore different methods of fraud. This search is now going on, because gambling is developing together with computer technology. Of course, the consequences of failure are severe. Casino keeps a list of scams, but there are these types of hacking, when the administration is unable to prove the illegality of wins.

Why is it difficult to cheat modern slot machines

There are stories about players who cheat, card counting or calculating odds in poker. These games have the likelihood that they can be calculated, thereby giving the player a great advantage. But that's not the case with slot machines. In modern devices, everything is computerized. Inside the machine is a computer chip that controls the random number generator. This makes the opportunity to win the game, the usual thing of luck and good fortune. Each spin of the reels on the monitor by accident. In addition, the machines accept paper money, not coins. Earlier cheated machines with the help of foreign coins that have the same size and much smaller nominal. In other cases, they tried to connect coin and thread and pull it back. Modern machines that accept cash, most will only accept paper money and their super-sensitive scanner does not accept torn or counterfeit notes.
Sometimes it is possible to calculate the statistical probability of winning. Casino, knows about these principles. If the player starts to use these chances, the casino is suspicious of that player.


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