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real ways to win slot machine GaminatorIf you are looking for real ways to win slot machine Gaminator, we proudly present to you the bug-firmware created for you to enjoy from systematic winnings!

How to win at slot machines Gaminator Novomatic

While others are trying to learn complex strategies, you simply install a bug in a slot machine, and then win at any time. Reprogramming slot machine Gaminator is a process of replacing the original firmware to software, which contains backdoors. These secret codes virus hackers called - bugs. In turn, the bug-firmware (file) is recorded on compact flash-modules that are installed on board a slot machine. These modules are similar in appearance to the RAM modules in your personal computers.
The very process of reprogramming a pretty simple and fast. It does not require special knowledge and programming skills. Simply buy the module and install it on the board. And then at the right time, run a bug by entering a secret combination. Slot machine will allow you to win as many as you want. To open the door of the gaming machine, use the universal key, which you can buy from us. To carry out hacking, you will need to determine which version of a slot machine Gaminator. See the instructions below. After installing the module firmware bugs, the unit will operate normally with the old statistics. Error CRC error slot machine will not give out!

Reprogramming slot machine Gaminator

Firmware differ in the type built-bug

Firmware with activation for doubling of points won.
This hack is based on guessing the color card - black or red. When you turn on the secret code in the program games, cards begin to fall on a particular algorithm, which is known to the player who installed the firmware bugs. The principle of hacking - doubling the prize to the desired amount. For example, when a slot machine Gaminator gives a prize (win on lines or bonus), he is waiting for the player's choice. Player will collect points on credit, or will try to double your winnings. If the color of the card will be guess right (black or red color), the win will automatically be doubled. If color not guessed - all points disappear. Number of doublings per session is registered and the settings can be recorded on the maximum number of points or the number of doublings (e.g. not more than 5, 10, 20 times). In our case, the player will know in advance what kind of card to choose. To turn a bug in the firmware you need to enter a specific code by pressing the buttons on the machine. After enabling the virus will drop cards that need the player. What color of the card player selected - this card will give a slot. (see video)

Doubling with activation

The other type - doubling without activator (file with a sequence of cards). The method is similar to the first - a doubling the prize. But to know what color would be the next card, you need to look at the file with prescribed sequence. He is sent together with the module. This will allow you to doubling your win countless times.

Doubling with table cards

The most popular type - Bug on bonus for Gaminator (get free games). This firmware with the virus code, which when activated, generates free games. The principle of operation - included in the work bug, which causes the slot Gaminator to give the player a bonus on any chosen bet. (see video)

Bug on a bonus or jackpot

Equally popular firmware with bug for the jackpot. In the gaming machine installed secret virus that generates jackpot. Three, four or five characters per line. That is, after the activation of the virus, you will get a jackpot in the selected game. (see video)


Price per modules or binary file depends on the type of bug and the version of the slot machine Gaminator, or other similar devices, which are based on the electronic board CoolFire I - Games4You, Cobra, Hot Spot Platinum, Megakatok. Versions of the game from 5.4-x to 5.8-x

Instructions for determining the version and install the module on a slot machine Gaminator.

As noted above, in order to win the game machine Gaminator (Novomatic) you need access to electronics. Therefore you need the keys. You can use a universal key to open the machine and the box with the board. The main condition for creating a bug-firmware - that's for sure know the number of the device and its version. This can be done in two ways.

The first method is via the menu. It is necessary to turn the key operator. You will be taken to the main menu.
Next, select the item buttons: DIAGNOSTIC > PROGRAM VERSIONS > and look MACHINE (In the photo - Gaminator 16 version 5.6-1).

The second way - if you turn off and turn on the slot machine, the machine will write the boot menu:
rom test .... ok
ram test ... ok
eeprom test ... ok
starting kernel
Gaminator .. v ... WRxxx
At the bottom line, after the word "Gaminator" will be written number, and after the letter "V" will be written version. WR - this machine configuration (we do not care). (In the photo - Gaminator 19 version 5.6-0)

determining the version Novomatic Gaminator

The module is a small fee, on which the flash-memory chips. An electronic board machine has three flash-module, need to replace only one of them - is G2, located in the middle (see photo). Chip is removed very easily, you need to push the side locks and tilt the module to the side. The principle is the same as the replacement RAM DDR memory on a PC.

install the module on a slot machine Gaminator

You can also get acquainted with the program to create a bug-firmware for slot machines Gaminator.


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